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Telstra fre 1.5 SOUTH HEDLAND Now Open

The new store layout features several customer service spaces, enhancing customer experience. Not to mention, the remarkably inviting and fresh feel of the store which is sure to be a hit with Telstra customers.

Telstra fre 1.5 SUNNY BANK Now Open

Packed with seven, comfortable consultation spaces, low-lying gondola and an accessory space the new FRE 1.5 store has transformed this space into a breathtaking experience for both staff and customers.  

Telstra fre 1.5 SALE Now Open

The new and improved Telstra Sale store has multiple FRE 1.5 design aspects incorporated into the floor space including; consultancy spaces, product displays, a smart home area and a large accessories wall. Allowing the store to create a welcoming environment for both staff and customers. 

Telstra fre 1.5 TRARALGON Now Open

The brand new, bright blue shopfront awnings are adorned with the brilliant orange logo which stands out along the retail strip. Combined with warm lighting, double POS counters and a low-lying gondola, four consult workstations, two privacy booths and an accessory wall; creates a welcoming atmosphere and experience for Telstra customers. 

Telstra fre 1.5 KALGOORLIE Now Open

Previously trading as a T-7 design format, it was time to bring the FRE 1.5 store design experience to the fore; giving both staff and customers the best in design and technology. With seven customer advisory areas, six tech desks and one booth, the new design sets off the lighter, brighter and bigger FRE 1.5 store experience. 

Telstra fre 1.5 TOOWOOMBA Now Open

Relocating the BOH area has allowed the store to be transformed to a 185m²  space with the favourite FRE 1.5 elements; including the connected home, low-lying Gondolas and generous amounts of accessory space to create a beautiful, welcoming atmosphere for both staff and clientele. 

Telstra fre 1.5 WODONGA Now Open

Offering almost 360° views of the huge, glazed corner of the warm and inviting FRE 1.5 design. The new store design optimises the large space by dramatically increasing accessory spaces with two gondola display units, a total of ten spaces including desks, booths and banquettes as well as a recharge ottoman to support waiting customers.  

Telstra fre 1.5 GLADSTONE Now Open

Weighing in at an impressive 166sqm, featuring not one but two Gondolas, a range of consult spaces and a large accessory space in the new FRE 1.5 format Telstra store. With a large external wall emblazoned with the new Earth and Sky Palette, there's no chance you will miss this new and improved Gladstone store.   

Telstra fre 1.5 GAWLER Now Open

Bringing the new FRE 1.5 store design and technology experience to the fore; giving customers and staff an inviting store with five customer advisory areas, four tech desks and one booth. A total redesign of the store footprint has provided a fantastic back of house area with premium stock strorage facilities and staff kitchenette.