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Telstra fre 1.5 Brisbane QSM Pop-up Now Open

With the Brisbane store undergoing a refurbishment a temporary Pop-up store has been built. This store was delivered in a record time of 30 days and has all the makings of the FRE design.


Stay tuned for the Flagship store to open and in the mean time check out this pop-up store.

Telstra fre 1.5 Rosebud Now Open

A seaside town on the Mornington Peninsula the all new Rosebud FRE 1.5 store opened in the most prominent shopping centre.


The store has kept its original location and been re-designed. Now with a double POS counter and low-lying gondola, 4 x consulting workstations, a privacy booth and accessory walls for all your needs.


If you are down this way at the beach why not stop by and check out this great store as well.

Telstra fre 1.5 Chatswood Chase Now Open

The Chatswood Chase store is located 11km's North of the Sydney CBD in a well-established premium shopping centre.


In a new location within the centre it boasts a large shopfront and optimized space for the team to service customers. Improved visibility with a range of flexible client interaction spaces and a huge product display, welcoming customers into the store.


The Team would love to see you and assist you with your next purchase when you next visit this Shopping Centre.

Telstra fre 1.5 Clifford gardens Now Open

This store has been relocated within the Clifford Gardens Shopping Centre. Still retaining its country charm the new store boasts 2 magnificent frontages.


With comfortable seating for the customers, dedicated ecosystem spaces and a range of accessories to purchase, we have a little something for everyone here.


Toowoomba is Queensland's largest inland town and a great place to visit for a holiday. The store would love to see you, so come by and check it out.

Telstra fre 1.5 Eaton Fair Now Open

Located around a 2 hours drive south of Perth, Telstra Eaton Fair has received a long overdue refurbishment.


The store has increased the service capability adding more consult spaces, increasing the range and stock of accessories and an improved back of house space for the staff.


Drop in and check out this new store today.

Telstra fre 1.5 Warragul Now Open

Warragul is a regional town, around 102km's from Melbourne's CBD. The Telstra store is located on a prominent corner in the Main Street and had been trading as a Pop-up store for some time.


With an upgrade to the signage it has provided excellent visibility from multiple angels due to the corner location.


On the inside there are both standard consult seating, multiple banquettes and a couch area for customers to enjoy.


With the improvement of lighting and visibility into the store you will be attracted to this store and all it has to offer.

December Stores -

Telstra fre 1.5 Lismore Now Open


Telstra fre 1.5 Mt Gravatt Now Open

The newly opened Telstra Mt Gravatt store is located in the Brisbane suburb of Upper Mount Gravatt.


Previously a T7 store design it has now received a much need refresh into the FRE 1.5 format and also has a new location.


With 10 customer advisory areas and one of the biggest accessory walls in any of our stores.


Our team would love for you to come by and visit.

Telstra fre 1.5 Robina Now Open

Located on the Gold Coast, the newly refurbished Telstra Store opened in the Robina Town Centre. The store is positioned in a high traffic area.


The new store design incorporates a variety of customer service spaces for flexible client interactions and enhances the customers retail experience and satisfaction.


You will love the inviting and fresh feel to this new store.