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Telstra fre 1.5 Singleton Now Open

Nestled in the Hunter Valley and about 197kms North of Sydney is the home of Singleton. It also has the largest sundial in the Southern Hemisphere.


The 2nd store opening this week and another one in NSW. The store is situated in a corner location at the Singleton Square Shopping Centre.


The accessory space has dramatically increased, 4 new consult spaces and an additional recharge table to support the tech-bar services.


Stop by and check out this great looking store.

Telstra fre 1.5 Macquarie Centre Now Open

North Ryde is located about 15km north west of the Sydney CBD. One of Australia's major business districts and home to many multi-national corporations.


Another busy week seen the opening of 3 stores. Telstra Maquarie Centre was one of them.


A great looking store consisting of 4 consult tables, 3 privacy booth, 3 banquette booths, multiple accessory walls and our famous gondola to top it off!!


Congratulations to the team and good luck with your new store.

Telstra fre 1.5 Goulburn Now Open

The third store opening today was Telstra Goulburn. A city rich in heritage, contemporary services and has the largest education institution for law enforcement int eh southern hemisphere. It also had the worlds largest concrete sheep structure known as The Big Merino.


The new store has dramatically increased the accessory space with the inclusion of a gondola display unit. Plenty of space for customer interaction with 4 consult desks, 2 privacy booths and a recharge table.


Come and check out this great looking store.


Telstra fre 1.5 Moranbah Now Open

The second store opening today was Telstra Moranbah. 


Located in the heart of the Bowen Basin in Central QLD, Mornbah was established to support the surrounding coalfields.


Not a huge store but it still has all the elements and features of an FRE 1.5 design. 


With a dedicated business consulting area, the popular low-lying gondola and a great amount of accessory space.


Congratulations on the new store Team!


Telstra fre 1.5 Hobart C&F Now Open

A big week with 3 x stores opening.


The first store to open on 9th March was Telstra Hobart (Cat & Fiddle).


You can't miss this store, with a spectacular shopfront on a corner location.


A large store allowing for up to 14 customers to be served simultaneously at a range of service points including booths, banquettes and workstations. Also the added options of the couch in the Home Area and being able to sit at the recharge table.


Located in an area with plenty of foot traffic it is primed to attract those passing by.


Telstra fre 1.5 ayr Now Open

The next store to open on 2nd March was Telstra Ayr.


About 1hr south of Townsville, Ayr is situated amongst the large scale cultivation of sugarcane fields.


The new store design incorporates a variety of customer service spaces which increases the service capacity and enhances the retail experience.


We love the fresh new look of this store and sure you will too. 

March stores 2023 -

Telstra fre 1.5 Shepparton market place Now Open

Autumn has arrived and today we have 2 x store openings.


The first store is Telstra Shepparton Market Place.

Due to open last year, but being impacted by the floods the store has now finally opened.


The new design boasts a double POS counter, 4 consult workstations, 2 banquette booths and huge accessory walls. Something for everyone and plenty of spaces for customer interaction.


Stop by and support the community in the area and check out this new store.

Telstra fre 1.5 northland Now Open

Congratulations on Telstra Northland being the 200th FRE 1.5 store to open.


Located in Northland Shopping Centre in a high foot traffic area the large glass frontage allows for thousands of passers-by to look into the amazing store.


Once inside the store you will see it offers both form and function. Featuring the latest accessory gondolas and extended re-charge table. A great space for the customers experience and interactions.


Well done Team on a fabulous looking store.

february stores 2023 -

Telstra fre 1.5 north sydney Now Open

Welcome to a New Year and we are excited for the year ahead with plenty of stores opening.


The first store to open for the year on 23rd February was Telstra North Sydney. 

The store has moved to a more prominent location on the Pacific Highway, North Sydney.


The revamped design into the FRE format encompasses a range of customer service areas, flexible client interactions and enhancing service capacity for an overall customer experience.


Stop by and check out this vibrant new store.